Sunday, July 25

News from the Muse: Twiggy's Twittering!

I like to type on the puter!
Hello, Friends! I wanted to update you on my latest mews. Mom set-up a Twitter account for me! I was so excited when she told me this. I sharpened my claws and got in my best hunting stance. Then she fired up the computer and logged me on to Twitter. I was ready to get those twitters! I looked and looked, but no twitters came out of the computer. So I looked at the printer. Again, no twitters! I opened the disk twitters! Perhaps it's a mail order thing, but there was no shopping cart button! I was puzzled, stumped, confused. Where do I get the twitters? So I meowed in frustration to mom for help. She explained how it worked. She told me that I could type any bits of news, thoughts, ideas etc., and it would be posted for followers to see. "Oh." I said. "So I guess twitters are NOT birds."

After I got over my initial disappointment of not being able to chase and capture birds that magically fly out of the computer, I found out how fun tweeting can be! I like being able to say "hi" to my friends and also find-out what they are doing. It's pretty neat! I hope to see you there soon too!

Hugs, purrs, and whiskerkisses,
-Twiggy (the kitty)
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  1. Thank you to all my new Twitter friends who are following me :) -Twiggy