Friday, February 11

A Sweet Kitty Needs Help Finding a Forever Home!

Charlie is staying at The Blue Cross Adoption Center in Southampton, Hants (UK) and is up for adoption!

Charlie had is ears and nose removed due to skin cancer.

I came across an article today about a kitty who has had some unfortunate events happen to him. Charlie, a beautiful, white DSH went through treatments for skin cancer. To rid him of the cancerous skin cells the tip of his nose and his ear tips were removed. As a result, his appearance has been altered. Although he looks different from other kitties he is still very much a capable cat (aside from the occasional bout of sneezing)!

Charlie is up for adoption, but has been overlooked by those who see a resemblance to Ralph Fiennes' character, Voldermort in the "Harry Potter" Films.
Personally, I found this story to be heartbreaking and I really want to do something to help this wonderful boy.

Charlie currently resides at The Blue Cross' Southampton Adoption Center in Southampton, Hants (south-east of London), and needs to be adopted as the only pet in the household.

Since I live in the US (and already have a kitty) I can not adopt sweet Charlie :( I just want someone special to give this little guy a forever home. Perhaps a hospital or senior care home can open their hearts to Charlie.

To read the full story click here:

To view Charlie's adoption page with The Blue Cross click here:

Please pass Charlie's story along to someone who may be able to help him :)

Thanks for reading!

Hugs, & purrs,
-Rebecca & Twiggy (the kitty)


  1. I really hope that Charlie finds a good home soon! Thank you to all who have been helping :)

  2. I really hope Charlie finds a forever home.