Wednesday, January 20

Featured Pet

Today, our featured pet is actually two pets. Meet Mr. Jolly and Chester, from New South Wales, Australia. Their mom, Megan shared these lovely photos of the boys sporting their new Whiskerkisses collars.

Mr. Jolly is the beautiful orange and white tabby with lovely leaf green eyes wearing the "Got Treats?" Pet Bandanna. 100% of the proceeds from the bandanna go to help the animals of the Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan (AWS). Good for you, Megan and Mr. Jolly! He came to live with Megan, after suffering an accident. She had brought her dogs to the vet and was greeted by Mr. Jolly! The vet had mended his arm after he had put it through his flea collar and injured it quite severely. She fell in love with his gorgeous green eyes and brought the friendly cat home with her.

The beautiful and sleek black cat, Chester is showing off his new Social Climber collar and bow tie set. Megan says he looks very much like James Bond, and I have to agree! Chester was adopted from the RSPCA when he was 9 months old. He is friend to all, including the dogs.

Mr. Jolly looks up to Chester and tends to follow him where ever he goes and sleeps on the same bed (but not touching). It seems that Chester tolerates Mr. Jolly's hero worshiping, and like all good friends allows him to indulge.

Thank you, Megan for letting us share your sweet boys to everyone!

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